The first day of January always feels a little strange (and no, I don’t mean a hangover), it’s a similar feeling to the day after your birthday. A year has passed, thus it is the start of something new, and yet it still feels like an ordinary day.

However, this year it is different, this year January 1stis the beginning of the first year I won’t have trouble with my blood sugars due to my insulin allergy. It is the year where I already have more energy, better sugars and less stress / frustrations due to my diabetes. This morning I went running, alone ! For the first time in ages I felt confident about going on my own without telling my exact route to someone and being weighed down by all the hypo food. A sachet of fluid sugar, some sugar tabs, a water bottle and my keys were all that I had with me. My sensor also has a vacation so I even left my pump at home ! Due to my vacation I do have a separate basal rate due to all the sleeping in but other than that my sugars are doing fine without the sensor. A year ago, up to 3 months ago this was unimaginable!

The year 2014 is one I won’t quickly forget. The year I may have experienced the biggest change in my life so far; the insulin allergy treatment. After the treatment the perfect night (blood-sugar wise) soon presented itself followed by the first perfect 24 hours ! Even during all the holiday festivities (including lots of food) my sugars remained relatively in range. I believe I went up to 20 mmol (~400 mg) at one point, and I was also down to 2.9 mmol ( ~58 mg) but I can’t even remember when this was. Yesterday was another outstanding day, didn’t go below 6 or above 10. What more do you want?!

December was a pretty though month, having to cope with extreme exhaustion due to all the stress and emotions. When I received the treatment I was still following a course (which included an exam) and I am the type of person who continues whatever happens, which meant I hadn’t fully processed everything yet. This is also giving me some troubles now, as when I do have energy I do way too much as I have a hard time stopping resulting in two days of crash & burn afterwards. The boyfriend is also enjoying himself, as now I am finally feeling better I have started baking again. Despite it being my zen-moment (no frustrations, eat whatever isn’t working out!) I couldn’t find the energy to create anything. Now I even need to restrain myself from baking too much, else I really need to go running more often!

When my sugars are at 4 mmol ( ~80 mg) I feel really low. This makes me laugh as I find myself a real wimp, because 2 mmol (~40 mg) that is low and I used to be at that number so often. The same goes for being too high, from 11 mmol (~220 mg) onward I start to feel really bad. Bizarre, this used to be a good value! With my birthday and Christmas (and after running?) I ended up between 15-18 mmol (300-360 mg), and felt horrible. These major headaches would present themselves and I would feel the high until the next day. I still sigh when I get high (haha that rhymes), but that jolt of fear, worrying the treatment hasn’t worked is gone. I’m still waiting for that euphoria moment when my heart also realizes the treatment has worked. My head knows it, but somewhere deep inside I dare not believe it is truly so. The sugars don’t lie, the treatment worked for sure, getting the treatment was the best moment of 2014. Will realizing it be the best for 2015 ?!