What’s in a name?


It started as a way to cope with my feelings surrounding my diabetes and my insulin allergy diagnosis. There was a lot of frustration and writing was one of the best ways to express myself. Also, when getting the diagnosis there was little to no information available on Google. Any information there was, was scientific and I just longed to read somebody else’s story. To know someone else out there had the same thing, felt similar feelings and most importantly, that there was hope.

Since blue is the color of diabetes I felt this was a semi-original way to incorporate it into the blog name.


A couple months before the insulin allergy diagnosis I learnt I needed to eat gluten free. At first I hoped this would solve not only all my stomach troubles but also my diabetes problems. The miraculous changes this new diet gave me were amazing. I no longer consistently looked like I was 3-4 months pregnant. I didn’t need to run to the bathroom after every meal; it was a whole new world.

Although I knew what it meant to follow the gluten free diet since my sister had the diagnosis 10 years before I did, she doesn’t have diabetes. And let me tell you, carbohydrate information on gluten free food often does not correspond with the amount I would need to give in for my insulin dosing. Although there are a bunch of blogs about gluten free food, baking, recipes etc. and even some about the combination of diabetes and gluten free I felt that if I wrote a blog I could not avoid also writing about the gluten issues. Again, for me writing is a way to cope with feelings and deal with tricky situations. Although the diabetes and gluten free blogs are set-up in a way they can be read independently, for me they are always interconnected and felt this blog should represent that as well.


Now we’ve covered Blue and Gluten, so then why the 10? This was not just to be unique or smart, it was because when I got diagnosed with diabetes I was ten years old and when my gluten problems started I roughly had diabetes for ten years (although the gluten diagnosis wouldn’t come until years later).

This is my life. This is BlueGlu10

Sidenote: This blog does not intend to give medical advice. Anything mentioned on this blog related to medical treatment is based on my own experience and should not be implemented without first discussing it with your doctor.