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Saturday September 13th  2014 there was an actual glutenfree bake-off! This was organized by

Upon arrival delicious cookies and homemade muffins were waiting to be devoured. With drinks and baked goods we got know each other and conversations were started. Questions like “what food do you miss the most?”, “how long have you been eating glutenfree” or comments like “at our place everyone eats glutenfree” or “glutenfree food is so expensive” were exchanged. After a brief introduction the time had come, we were allowed to get started!

Prior to the event I had made a plan when to make what so I wouldn’t lose precious time. The result would be a pistachio cake; on a chocolate cake base I would roll up a cake with pistachio crème in between. This would be covered with a thin layer of fondant ganache after which I put pistachio brittle around the sides. (The recipe can be found at the end of this blog)

The cake was in the oven, the crème was done and I was trying to figure out what to do next. With my plan in my hands I couldn’t seem to conclude I needed to make the pistachio brittle next. My pump vibrated, what now? Low alarm, alright lets measure. 2.8, right. I looked around and saw a bag of sugar and dived right in! After a spoon full of sugar (no medicine to go down with it) and a juice box I was recharged and ready to go. Only I still couldn’t read the numbers on the scale as my eyes were still a little blurry. Luckily help was around so I made my mom measure the sugar and by the time the brittle went in the oven I was back on track. Until my pump gave the alarm I hadn’t even realized that for a while there I had not thought about my diabetes at all!

The big moment was there, the jury was about to taste our creations. What a surprise, we were all allowed to taste each other’s cakes as well. My dream had become reality! For years now I dream about a bridal-cake tasting session but since the glutenfree diet I have given up hope on experiencing this. It wasn’t bridal cake but it totally lived up to the dream, honestly, it was even better as I had never expected to experience this anymore.

The inside of my cake

Vicky Little John (Bake my day) cuts my cake. Surprise and astonishment how well the stripes of my green pistachio crème worked out with the light cake. Then the first bite, and the second. All three the judges were unanimous, this was a great cake. Somebody who judges cakes every day liked my glutenfree cake.  My face could have lit up the room, I was beaming! The cherry on top was that my cake was announced the winner, and for the first time I realized eating glutenfree may be fun. As a prize I got two bags filled with pasta and flours for baking. No doubt there will be some blogs about those soon!

Hele groep glutenvrije bakwedstrijd 13 sep 2014