My boyfriend is a huge beer geek.

His newest ‘prize’ is a climate fridge. Usually a fridge like this is used to store/age bottles of wine. For those of you who don’t know (and I honestly don’t know how many other gluten free people know this much about beer), but beer can also be aged. Each shelf has a different temperature and is definitely better than the 30+ C it can sometimes get in the living room. A few of my gluten free bottles of beer/cider are allowed in there, the rest is banned to the ‘normal’ fridge or the closet. When he suggested to go to a beer festival I wasn’t overly enthusiastic. I’ve been to a few and although they’re nice I only get hyped up on diet coke. However, he had invited a befriended couple which made it more appealing for me to go.


The setting of the festival was fantastic. There were all these neat little stalls with beer-taps aligned along the canals. Everywhere you looked there were people enjoying themselves, there were chairs or bales of hay and the beautiful sunshine made it that much better. You almost forget the frustration that you can’t drink anything. WAIT! Behold a stall which has gluten free draft beer. Wow, wat an experience to be drinking draft beer at a beer festival and how awesome is it I get to share this experience with my favorite beer geek. The next stop was the cider booth where I learnt that almost all ciders (there always has to be the exception like Jillz…..) are gluten free. I never really had a cider before but I must say I drink them quite often now. The cool bonus is that you can also check-in ciders in the beer app untappd. So if you want to know which gluten free beer/cider is nice to drink, follow me @miss_lazyknife. P.s. if someone wants to drag you to a beer festival or pub, check out which ones serve gluten free beer or cider. Nowadays they are available at more and more locations!