Recently I went to a festival in the Netherlands (Concert at Sea). The Dutch band Bløf created this festival and the boyfriend and I are big fans so we thought it was the perfect way to celebrate our five year anniversary. My parents have a small beach house nearby and I have been going there as long as I can remember. We usually don’t go the snackbar very often, unless we are here. The snackbar there has such great fries, and they are even gluten free!

Every summer when we return something has changed, this year that was the re-vamp of the fish store Hameeteman. It is now a beautiful, modern store and the great news is that they now have a separate frier so they can make glutenfree baked fish! After having bought some gluten free bread at the bakery the enjoyment could begin. For such a small place they have quite some gluten free options 🙂 Even the pancake restaurant (De platte hap) can prepare gluten free pancakes!

The options at the festival unfortunately were a lot less, but I had already anticipated this and thus emailed a request in advance so I could take my own food and medical supplies. Via facebook I got the tip that the Ola swirls ice cream is gluten free at the train station, so perhaps it would be at the festival as well. Full of good hope (and longing for icecream) I went to their cart only to find out that they were absolutely sure the ice cream was not gluten free. What a disappointment! Luckily there was also a small cart with popsicles which were okay so I still had some ice cream 🙂 I was a bit disappointed but no way was I taking the risk and have gluten ruin this fantastic festival!

On the second morning my insulin was finished and I figured I would quickly load up during lunch as we had to leave to the festival soon. A blockage alarm presented itself…*sigh* … I was pretty sure my infusion site was okay as I had just changed that the day before and my sugars had been perfect then. So I flushed out the tubing, tried my lunch bolus and luckily, didn’t have any further troubles. After having another delicious baked fish we went back to the festival for another great day with lots of sun.

The other tip I received via facebook was that the fries would probably be gluten free. Full of hope again I asked one of the girls in the fries tent who couldn’t quite understand what I was saying when suddenly I felt the boyfriend tugging at my arm. They had a beautiful allergen list, it showed I could only have the fries and all the sauces contained wheat but who cared? I was able to share fries with the boyfriend!

To finish this weekend of culinary enjoyment (*cough*) we went to the McDonalds to get the gluten free hamburger. It wasn’t the most healthy weekend regarding food choices but this definitely added to the vacation feel! I still find it difficult sometimes that I always have to think about my food, that you always have to prepare and almost always have to take your own things, but on the plus side it makes it that bit extra special if I can have something that I didn’t bring myself!