Germany, my second home country. I often go back for groceries and recently I was in Centro, which is a big shopping mall in Oberhausen. Together with my mom  we ‘shopped till we dropped’ and had a great day !

In the Centro there is an American style food-court. There are numerous restaurants like Subway, Starbucks, McDonalds, Curry King and even a Dutch ‘snackbar’.

We used to always go the the Subway, and every once in a while we would get a curry sausage at Curry Karl. Since having to eat glutenfree dining options have become scarce. Last time Curry Karl had sausages which were glutenfree, and it gave me that great feeling eating something I already ate before going glutenfree. With good hoop and growling stomachs we asked for a glutenfree sausage. The lady behind the counter looked at us with a puzzled face, “I’m sorry but we don’t have anything which is glutenfree.” “But last time I had a sausage here.” “No, that really isn’t possible. All our food contains gluten.” Slightly disappointed we walked towards the McDonalds. Fine, forget it, I just wanted to get some food without a hassle.

Just in front of the McDonalds there was another sausage shop. In a last attempt we asked for glutenfree sausage. “Ehm, I think so but let me just check the ingredients to be sure.” The lady disappeared in the back area and when she came back she had good news. “All the sausages are good, even the schnitzel is allowed!” Warning bells went off… “Aren’t there gluten in schnitzel?” “No, not in ours. We use cornstarch.” Schnitzel was too big of a risk, I wanted to double check that first. But I would definitely get a delicious sausage! Whilst waiting for the food I sighed when I saw a sign stating this was a Curry Karl shop!

The experience taught me so much is possible, as long as you have someone who is kind enough to take a little extra time to help! The sausage was delicious and I did not have any reaction what so ever. All thanks to the kind lady who did take some time for her customers!