The days before I am getting the Dexcom (G5) I am extremely excited. I simply cannot wait to try it out. Can it really live up to the hype? Is it really as good as others have told me? How will it be to not check my blood sugars on my pump but on my apple watch?!

Can’t wait to get started!

Friday morning, 09:00 a.m. How happy I am that we made the appointment in the morning because I am bursting with enthusiasm. After all the introduction talks (which feel like forever) Sexy Dexy (aptly named by Bittersweet Diagnosis) is finally installed on my arm. FINALLY! Wohoo!! But now I still have to wait for another 2 hours, *sigh*.

Two hours and two bg checks later sexy dexy is up and running! Yeah for Dexcom! I check my apple watch and…. I CAN SEE MY BG TREND!! So far I have been using Medtronic which for some stupid reason has not caught on yet that people want to see their values on their phone. Although they have the guardian connect in Europe this only works as a standalone cgm. As soon as you want your cgm coupled to your pump you cannot use the connect system anymore. Even worse is that the upload with Medtronic is tedious; not only do you need a computer, and your blood glucose meter to connect your pump to the computer, the website often doesn’t even work.

First of all it’s still Java based. Second of all when you get new updates it takes forever before they incorporate them. I remember when I got a windows 7 laptop it took almost a full year before I could throw my old laptop out of the window because I still needed it to upload my sugars. Two weeks ago I upgraded my macbook to IOS 11. Guess what… I can no longer upload my sugars from my computer anymore. Luckily we have older windows computers at work but it means I cannot upload my sugars whenever I want. Come on Medtronic, keep up!

Oooohh, let me check my apple watch again. Oh how exciting this is. I am in love already. I’m still measuring as I would usually with my Medtronic cgm, before every meal because my enlite simply isn’t accurate enough to bolus without doing a check. But oh my, sexy dexy is soooo sexy! It’s just ALWAYS spot on whenever I measure. Is it possible for me to really only measure every 12 hours?? Medtronic has promised me this but even with cgm I still measure 4-6 times daily. I’m not even 12 hours in and I already don’t ever want to give my Dexcom back!

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