It’s been almost a year since I went to Australia. I was an invited speaker at the World Diabetes Congress and obviously took a vacation prior to the event. It was an amazing time, and one of the things I remember best was the gluten free pizza at domino’s.

Just like the glutenfree hamburgers at McDonalds this was such a feast! In this fantastic country I could just walk into a normal pizza parlor and order a gluten free pizza with plenty of choice for toppings ! They had 6-7 different options and the dough was even lactose free. Potential cross contamination was possible, but hey, let’s live on the wild side! The pizza itself didn’t have much risk, but the toppings could be contaminated as the these were the same for gluten free and gluten-containing pizza’s. Clean gloves were always used but there would always be a chance that… Whatever, gluten free pizza baby!!

The taste was superb, the base was crunchy and you could actually eat the pizza with your hands! Something that often fails when I make my own pizza’s. Besides, you always need to make the pizza yourself and it just never tastes as good as a gluten containing pizza. Which is good for my weight because I rarely eat pizza now a days. The pizza was so incredibly good I went back only a few days later for another one.

Despite the cross contamination risk, and my very sensitive stomach, I did not have any troubles! With a deep sigh I think back about fantastic Australia with all its gluten free options. Until yesterday when I saw a FB post announcing the joyous news! There was a domino’s pizza in the Netherlands which has gluten free pizza’s.

Now I just have to make sure I go to Roosendaal soon to try one, and for anyone who has a domino’s with gluten free pizzas nearby, go get one!