Last week Sunday I was visiting my parents. After a nice run in the woods I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and enjoying the sun. Suddenly I saw a post, got up, kicked off my running shoes and ran inside.

“Next week there is a GLUTENFREE bake-off!! And amateurs are also allowed to participate!” I screamed through the entire house.

Since a couple of years I like to bake and decorate cakes. It relaxes me, gives me a good reason to eat chocolate and it is one of the reasons why I go running. I love watching shows like cake boss, bake my dayand the next great bakerand dream about how it would be if I could participate.

Here was this bake-off, completely glutenfree, where I could participate! Ten minutes later my subscription was sent! Not much later I received an email with more information, including the names of the judges. Whoops did I see that correctly? Was that indeed Vicky from bake my day? Yikes, what did I start..?

After some doubts if I was good enough I started to bake and tried out different recipes to the great delight of my boyfriend. Now it is Saturday and I am taking my recipes to my first ever bake-off. Excited? Oh yes! Nervous? A little. Expectations? None, I’m only an amateur and professionals were also allowed to compete. Does it matter? Heck no, how cool is it that I can participate?!

On to an afternoon filled with cakes, good fun and tons of tips for glutenfree baking!
It’s baking time! <3