My mom and I are two peas in a pod; we just have to look at each other to know what the other is thinking. Recently, we thought it was time for some mother-daughter bonding time and decided to go away for a weekend. After some googling we decided to go to Dublin, Ireland seems to be gluten free heaven. Enough reason to go!

Wow, I thought New York and Australia were fantastic countries to be gluten free, yet Dublin knew how to beat them! In the States there are a some very good specialized gluten free spots in most cities. In Dublin however, basically every shop had something gluten free and everyone knew what gluten free / celiac means. If a shop doesn’t have something they always have a suggestion where you can go to, and usually it’s just a few doors down. The great thing is that it is the exception that the shop does not have something gluten free!


We had four days in Dublin, ten meals and way too many options for delicious food. We purposely chose a hotel without breakfast so that we could try out even more gluten free deliciousness. If the food was great in one spot, it was even better in the next. Unbelievable but true. Think about gluten free bread which actually taste good in a normal sandwich store, gluten free treats like (cup)cakes in normal pastry shops and gluten free food in every supermarket even the really small ones, and, saving the best for last, gluten free crêpes!

Naturally all these gems are added to my gluten free world map (can be find at the end of this post), yet below I describe the best highlights.

Fish and chips at Beshoff’s

Fish and chips is an absolute must. Although there are a few fish shops in the Netherlands
which have fried cod, Dublin had Beshoff. Beshoff not only has gluten free fried cod, they also have gluten free fried onion rings, fried shrimp, fried squid, gluten free beer and gluten free brownie. Unfortunately I was so incredibly full I did not have any room left for brownie, it broke my heart but I let this brownie pass.

Gluten free crêpes

Another fantastic place was Lemon crêpe & coffee. They had gluten free crêpes here and almost all toppings were available. We went here for breakfast twice, that is how good they were! My favorite remains the one with white chocolate filled with strawberry and banana.

Obviously a typical Irish restaurant has to be included in this list. Actually you can eat in pretty much any restaurant in Ireland, they all have a lot of knowledge about the possibilities. We went to the old storehouse, they make all their sauces in the afternoon but often use wheatstarch. They try to always keep a little bit separate without the wheat for the celiac customers. Unfortunately, when we were there it was so busy all the gluten free saus had already been used up but I had a fantastic seafood brisket instead. Restaurant the millstone was also very good, they bake their own gluten free bread and they serve gluten free beer. There are also plenty of options in the pub, every pub has cider avaible from standard apple to things as crazy as kiwi-raspberry. Some pubs even serve gluten free beer.

Dublin was amazing and it was so nice to not have to continuously worry about where I could eat. For once in my life it wasn’t a necessity to plan ahead as to where we would eat. Obviously I did make a plan because I did not want to miss out on any good spots. One afternoon we were in a mall and figured we would take a chance in the foodcourt and see what the options were. There was a restaurant which had all different kind of cakes and scones. They also had gluten free bread, but my dessert loving stomach decided a scone and a piece of lemon cake was allowed as a lunch on holiday. Boy was it good! There were so many great choices to eat we could have spent two weeks in Dublin and still have plenty of options. I would go back there in a heartbeat!

p.s. other than gluten free food Dublin is also a very nice city for other aspects 😉