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Churro’s, I’ve had them once before at a festival three years ago. Half a year later I went gluten free and they were forgotten for 1,5 years until we walked past a Churro’s stand in the zoo. Due to the delicious smell I could almost taste them! All of a sudden I had a huge churro’s craving this weekend and I made my first attempt to prepare them myself. Large dough sticks became bites, flour was replaced by Schär mix C and two burn blisters later I had a delicious result!

For my first try I thought they were pretty good, for gluten free they were great but obviously I want perfection. The recipe stated to bake the churro’s until they were golden-brown which is always a challenge with glutenfree goods. I actually got one batch to become golden-brown, but they were way too crunchy. The good thing is that if they are only gold they still got rolled in the cinnamon-sugar giving them a richer color. Even my gluten-eating boyfriend loved them! He liked the smallest ones the most as they had the right amount of crunch, the larger ones sometimes had a larger and softer inside which is less like the real thing. But the taste of the dough was perfect, well according to him 😉

The first improvement for next time is to take a larger piping tip and a sturdier piping bag. The dough is pretty tough and with a tip which is too small you very easily break your bag. I speak from experience… The best thing about these churro bites is that they are crunchy, and even better because they are bite-size you have a lot less mess when eating them!