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America, the country of incredibly delicious, but usually oh so unhealthy, food. One of my absolute favorites or pop-tarts. In the States Glutino has gluten free versions but unfortunately they are not available in the Netherlands and as I was so in the mood for them I decided to make my own.

Pinterest had suggested I might like a gluten free recipe for poptarts which I had saved ages ago. Since having the recipe I bought jam as that was the only ingredient I don’t usually have in my pantry, it was now time to make some room in the closet! The taste of these pop-tarts came a long way in the original taste I remembered from way back when, although I did find they were relatively dry. This most likely is because I hadn’t rolled out my dough thin enough and they probably should’ve gone in the oven even longer. Despite this they were amazing. As you can see my creation is nowhere near the pinterest photo,  I guess I will just have to make them again to improve this delicious treat !

*Original recipe from she knows*