It has been two years since I found out I needed to eat glutenfree, and although I have found my way around in the area where I live, the biggest questions is always where to eat when I’m not familiar with a place.

I have been very lucky to have travelled to quite some places in the mean time, and my glutenfree sister has been to the USA numerous times and I thought it was time to share our knowledge.

So, using google my maps , I have created my own gluten free map, because sometimes it’s just easier to read (and see, most places have pictures) what kind of food there is and how other people thought about it.

As it is vacation time I wanted to share this post, and my map, now but keep in mind that it is not done yet and I will visit many more places in the future.

Hopefully this map can give you some new ideas, some good food and most of all less worries! [But be sure to always check the location is still open, unfortunately business change location or owner all the time]