Recently I was at my endo for a check-up. Due to the insulin allergy I have unstable sugars and I am either high or low all day. “Did you have any fun hypo’s recently?” my endo asked. Well, actually, they’ve been a while. I started to reminisce about the good old days when there were gnomes….

Lately when I am in a hypo I feel weak, tired and have terrible headaches. On top of that my vision gets blurry. If I’m low for a few days it almost feels normal.

Back in the day I used to have fun hypo’s. My imagination is well developed, which can be great fun for onlookers. A reoccurring theme were gnomes. In my student dorm I once had this great conversation with a tipsy student about the gnomes present in hour house. There was a third person present, without the presence of alcohol or a hypo who made fun of us for days. We had entire stories about gnome villages and that they should help clean more and what cute clothes they were wearing. My mom has also been so lucky to have witnessed my gnomes, I told her entire stories about all the sweet gnomes. They were my friends and kept me company when I was low.

It’s been more than 1,5 years ago that I have seen my sweet friends (pun intended). Are my hypo’s occurring too often? Has my imagination become less? Or, yikes, am I simply becoming mature?!