As of December 18th I am done with my Masters. Yesterday I finally had my graduation ceremony so now I am officially allowed to use my Msc title! There have been a lot of up’s and downs the past 5,5 years…. despite this I am extremely proud I did not have any study delay due to my bad sugars! Indirectly my delay did occur because of my diabetes, but that was because I was an invited speaker at the 2013 World Diabetes Congress in Melbourne, Australia, and I wanted to take the chance and travel through this lovely country!

I had planned to take it easy in January to catch my breath after all the festivities… but because of who I am this plan did not last long. The last course for my Msc was PhD proposal writingwere I learnt how to write my own project for a PhD position. My coach was so enthusiastic that if we can find the money I am allowed to do my PhD in his department. It shall come as no big surprise that my proposal has to do with type 1 diabetes 😉

Only the deadline for the first grant was today and *poof* went my free month in January. It is not really a bad thing, it gave me something to do and saved me from a mental breakdown that I now will have to probably act more mature because I am no longer a student, but once again I was glued to my computer. And not even to write blogs 🙁

I would have never thought that all the troubles with my diabetes and my undiagnosed celiac troubles would form the base of my PhD proposal. I am in love with gutbacteria, figuring out how they work and can affect so many things in our body and have thus specialized therein. Due to all my own experience I have a gut feeling (pun intended) that these bacteria play an important role for type 1 (we already know it does for type 2), and I really want to investigate this. So due to all the sh*t I have found my passion!