During the next seven months I am an intern at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). I will be working with gut microbiota in combination with nutrition at the medical microbiology department, and (nerd alert) I am psyched ! Public transport from home to Groningen takes 3 hours so I have decided to rent a room there, which means having to miss the boyfriend a couple of days in the week. Finding a room was more challenging than expected; luckily I found one just before Christmas and thus my mom and I were in Groningen last week to get the key.

Via miss glutenvrij (a dutch blog about living gluten free) I found this fantastic post with tips about all the good places which had gluten free food in Groningen (unfortunately this website is no longer available). I got hungry just reading about all the delicious possibilities, pizza, pasta, desserts and lots more! One of the first places I wanted to go was Toet, the glutenfree dessert paradise.

This is gluten free heaven!

Whilst walking toward Toet I noticed I started walking just a little bit faster. My dessert loving heart beat just a little quicker and I was full of excitement and anticipation about a shop filled with glutenfree desserts. When we stepped inside it felt as if we stepped into a living room where someone was having a party. Cautiously I asked if they had glutenfree desserts, ‘why yes of course!’ was the answer. After we found a table I took a quick look at the menu. I didn’t want to look to closely and get my hopes up for something yummy only to hear that that wasn’t glutenfree. When it was time to order I asked what the glutenfree options were and couldn’t believe what I heard next. “Ehm, it’s easier to say what is not glutenfree”. Wwwwhhhaaattt?? My brain could not process this blissful news. There were only two gluten containing options, but now came the problem of not knowing what to pick. Luckily there was a tasting-session option where they would serve three desserts to share between the two of us. It was then that I realized I had fallen in love with Toet.

This is the best thing ever <3

After moving all my stuff up and down two flights of stairs my blood sugars were ready for something sweet! The tasting-session was served out on a glass cake stand and contained cheesecake, carrot-walnut cake and a chocolate cupcake-fondue. The first was delicious, to my surprise so was the second! This was something I would have never picked but I was pleasantly surprised. And the last, oh my goodness, it was heaven! The top was similar to a crunchy cupcake and within there was molten pure, milk and white chocolate. It was served fresh from the oven and the chocolate dripped off of your spoon. This was as good as it gets for a chocolate-lover like me! Toet’s claim to be the glutenfree dessert paradise was completely true, just for Toet I can advise everyone to go to Groningen!

Gluten free bruschetta

For dinner we went to the Costa Viola (now known as Da Mino), an Italian restaurant. In the window there was a plaque stating they had glutenfree pizza’s and pasta’s which is always a good sign (pun intended). Basically they could make anything on the menu gluten free.

The pizza was sooo good!

Again I was amazed. For the first time in ages I was able to order bruschetta from the menu. They made the bread and the pizza dough themselves and it was totally amazing! Again if you are in Groningen, go here. My first day in Groningen and I already had the feeling to be in a gluten free paradise, I think I’ll manage those seven months 😉 It may be hard to believe, but there’s still a whole list left and I can’t wait to find out if the rest is just as good !