I live together with my boyfriend, and this lovely chap has a hobby called ‘soaring’. This is a lovely sport where you fly in an airplane which has no engines. No engines? Well how does that work? Well basically the plane is hooked to a cable which catapults you into the air, or you get pulled by a motorized plane. The good thing about soaring is, you can never crash due to engine failure!

How lovely it was up in the sky, no sound but the wind rushing past and a much better view than from a commercial plane window! It was gorgeous and a true treat to be up there! Unfortunately I got quite nauseous (despite motion sickness tablet) so after an hour we headed back to the airfield and had a safe landing.

Out of the plane people mentioned I was quite pale, and I figured it must be due to the nausea. Getting out of the plane I was a bit shaky but figured this was because I wasn’t feeling very well. I was so taken with the beautiful flight (and devastated that I was feeling so bad we had to land) there wasn’t any thought that these were also signs of a hypo. Whoops!

With soaring you can’t crush due to engine failure, but sure as heck you can crash with your sugars! Luckily I had some (gross) liquid sugars  sachets on me, took one and enjoyed the sun. For obvious reasons I didn’t eat anything else.

Goody-two shoes that I am I measured about two hours after and had a pretty good sugar level (8mmol / 160mg). All is well and I didn’t think about checking sugars again until dinner time. Great was my shock when I saw the number…. It was 20mmol (~400mg), YIKES! Was it the adrenalin? Was it the motion sickness pill? It sure wasn’t over-eating. I guess my sugars really like it up there, high in the sky!