I ended up falling into a restless sleep. The boyfriends alarm went off at 06.00 and for some strange reason I couldn’t sleep anymore. I ended up watching some series in bed.

I wasn’t very nervous, there was still a chance I wouldn’t get to start the treatment. If my temperature would be too high I wouldn’t be allowed to start and there could always be an emergency situation causing my bed to be needed by someone else. The wing my bed was on doesn’t have specific beds for the desensitization so if anything would happen my bed would be given up. This is also the reason it takes so long before patients can be treated. The chance that I would get the treatment and it wouldn’t work is also an option. But then at least you can continue, you don’t have to wait on something which may or may not work. For now I am taking a step forward, regardless if it will work or not…

The intake talk went well and my temperature was nice so I got to start. At one p.m.  I received the first vial, after which nine others would follow. The first one contained homeopathic amounts of insulin and each next vial would contain higher concentrations until the final undiluted test dose. First an insuflon was inserted into my stomach, for those that don’t know what this is: it is a valve with a small tube through which you can inject so you don’t need to inject into your skin the entire time. From now one I was expected to inject an increasing dose every 15 minutes until 8 or 9 p.m. Every vial would take about two hours, and you are required to finish every vial before you take a break. As long as I wouldn’t have an allergic reaction I was allowed to go to  higher dose.

The first day went really good and I got four vials done! I was really pleased it was going so well, which was a good thing because the food was, well, really bad. The first night I received two small potatoes, a small serving of vegetables and a meatball with gravy. The latter I didn’t dare eat, that afternoon they said all the bread toppings were glutenfree but one of the spreads stated it contained wheat ! For a hospital with one of the best glutenfree departments this was a really big disappointment… Luckily I had bags with tons  of yummy food with me so at least I had something to eat !