Today I was ready for my last vial as I had put in so much effort and time the last two days. However, usually something happens which changes everything again but I was still hoping on getting out today, or at least not to have dinner in the hospital!

It surprised me how incredibly tired I was, despite a really good night sugar-wise. I lie in bed all day, how can I be so tired? Perhaps because they wake you around 6.45 a.m. for a fasted blood sugar, then you spend 12 hours injecting yourself, and you sleep less because you are not in your own bed. During those twelve hours you have to be alert every 15 minutes, checking if you have the right dose, write down the time and check if everything is going okay or if you are getting a reaction. So technically you have 6-7 minutes of rest per 15 minutes, perhaps it’s not so crazy that I am exhausted..?

All the medical people around me were quite surprised that I was so speedy, apparently most people take a break in between vials. I didn’t even know it was an option until the last day. Although if I would’ve known I would probably still be done as fast as possible, I want to get out of this place! My sugars were relatively low (5-6 mmol, 100-120 mg/dl) all day, would the treatment be working? Is it working at all? The moment you have an allergic reaction you can see if it works by the reaction going away. I was a little scared it may not be working….

After the last vial I got a test dose of 4 undiluted units, with a good old fashioned injection, that sure was a long time ago! It took a moment before I dared to put the needle in my stomach, a slight fear of needles remained after all the heavy reactions I used to get from injecting. It wasn’t only the injection which was scary, but this was it. This was the moment that I would either go home in an hour or conclude that the treatment hadn’t worked…… Luckily my mom was there during this last hour to distract me, we went down to the shops and packed my bags with good faith. After 45 minutes I dared to check, I didn’t see anything yet!

When the doctor came by it was the moment of truth. After the usual questions (how are you today, had I had any problems?) it was time for the check, and I was approved. I have never gone into the hospital feeling this worked up, and have never exited with such joy!