The first couple of days in Groningen have passed and I have survived them remarkably well! Though I do have to get used to being back in a student room and especially not seeing the boyfriend every day is tough. Even the 3-hour train journey is going okay. Although I did make the mistake of wanting to switch trains at the one station where half of Holland has to get on the train to Groningen. I was happy I could still sit on the stairs rather than having to stand for an hour!

On Sundays the boyfriend and I walk to the station, it’s good exercise and we have some time to chat. Last Sunday we were walking and I was rolling my bag through some left-over snow. I honestly thought it was the snow which made my bag feel so much heavier with every step. The boyfriend took over the bag and we continued our walk. With about 300 meters to go I told him that I needed to measure at the station because I was going low. When we were about to cross the street we heard sirens and a fire-engine jeep came around the corner and headed towards the station. Uh oh…. Now a big fire-engine truck came passing by. The truck has barely passed and an ambulance appeared. The boyfriend and I looked at each other, this is not a good sign. The train app said there were no longer any trains driving to or from the station. Well fine, than at least I had the time to check my blood-sugars. 1.8 mmol (36 mg/dl) huh what?! I haven’t been this low in ages… Okay, so what now? Because I still need to do a 15-minute walk home. As I was turning my pump off the boyfriend shoves some sugar tablets in my mouth. Just to be safe I also take a sugar-gel sachet and after a 10 minute wait we carefully headed home.

After ¾ of the route we took a short break. After this I slowly started to feel a little better and my hypo-humor kicked in. The boyfriend walked into a couple of branches and I found the face he pulled hysterical! When we were almost home the boyfriend mentioned he was happy we were close as walking during such a bad hypo was “living on the edge”. The jokester I was, I stood on the edge of the sidewalk and proclaimed that “this was living on the edge! Watch, now I’ll jump of the deep end!” After which I jumped off of the sidewalk and burst into laughter. I was having a blast, oh the poor boyfriend…!

At some point I did have to return to Groningen, so this morning my alarm went off at 5.30 so that I could take the second train of the morning. In the meantime it is 8.45 and I am almost in Groningen. My head feels very heavy from exhaustion (and most likely the impact of the hypo) and yesterday night feels like ages ago. But when I think back about my laughing fit I feel a smile spreading on my face.