In my last post I shared my personal feat of baking something which tasted delicious despite it being low-carb and gluten free. Yet why challenge yourself with low-carb when gluten and dairy are also not your friends? Recently I discussed my fear of the return of the insulin allergy; the less insulin you require, the less chance there is of the allergy coming back. Besides, every person living with diabetes knows that insulin promotes fat storage, so less insulin really can’t do any harm.

The last couple of weeks I have jumped into the deep-end and the boyfriend and I are eating low-carb most of the time. Sometimes it can be quite a challenge as most low-carb recipes use a lot of dairy which I can only tolerate a little, or use coconut-based products which I absolutely despise! How happy I was when I stumbled upon the blog All day I dream about food. This blog has mouth-watering recipes, most of which are gluten free and low-carb. Luckily for me there are also tons of baking recipes, thus the sweet tooth baker inside of me was content!

The first recipe I tried luckily was a succes, and the next ones are on stand-by on my iPad to try out this weekend. Hopefully less carbs, and thus less insulin, will result in less hypo’s. That combined with more exercise; is there a possibility I may lose weight? I better not count on it, but who knows….?