Last week I have been very busy with forms to request study delay due to medical reasons and trying to figure out how I can improve my situation. The student doctor gave me the advice to call the insurance company and to try and email the doctor which made my allergy diagnosis. Thursday I received a confirmation my email was sent to the doctor.

Monday my phone rang, an anonymous number: “Hi, this is a nurse from the VUmc”. At first I thought that she would put me through with the doctor. “Are you available to come by tomorrow? A bed has opened up.” *Silence* My world stopped for just a moment. “Are you serious?” “Yes miss, twinty minutes ago we had a cancellation, so can you come?”… “Miss are you still here?” “YES! I am coming, I will be there, I will see you tomorrow!”

Was it possible, had my email worked? How was this possible; two weeks ago I thought I wouldn’t get treated before summer vacation. As soon as I hung up the phone I screamed! Luckily nobody was home, else they may have thought something really bad had happened.

Tears of joy, relief, hope, everything came out at the same time! It was really going to happen, it was time, I can go on. I called all my family and the in-laws, packed my bag, and organized everything concerning my absence. Now I just need to try to get some sleep….