Life can be a fairy tale, but maybe it’s more realistic to compare it to the game of goose. You can’t always live on cloud nine, or in the case of the game, on geese. Not every square has a goose on it allowing you to go further. Some squares are ‘normal’, some make you go a few steps back, sometimes you need help from someone else to continue and sometimes you land on ‘death’ requiring you to start over. Unfortunately this option isn’t possible in real life…

Just like with the game you can end up in the well. My blood sugars are getting worse. They are so bad I have officially requested study delay due to medical reasons because even working at half speeds seems to be too much at the moment. Reality is that it is becoming more and more difficult to functional normally. Without my lovely parents, boyfriend and superb medical team which I have contact with every week, life would be a lot more difficult. Even with their support it’s difficult enough.

Sometimes things also go well, then you get the super start by throwing the right combination. Last year I was an invited speaker at the world diabetes congress in Australia, an example of some of the opportunities I have had because of my diabetes.

Now I am waiting until it is my turn to throw the dice again. Undoubtely I will end up in the well again, but luckily I have a lot of people to help me out. The worst square in the game is death, which is similar to a very deep well in real life. In the game it simply means another chance at a super start, in real life I am still waiting for this!