The last few weeks I have been very busy getting used to a low-carb diet. Unfortunately, this has also resulted in the blogs falling a bit behind as I have mostly been in the kitchen trying things out.

My nutrition heart is having some troubles with some of the aspects of the low-carb diet. I know that not all fats are bad, but a lot of the recipes do use a lot of the lesser fats. Especially cheese and yoghurts are tricky, not only for fat but also present a lactose problem. In the Netherlands there luckily are some lactose-free yoghurt options, and I generally don’t eat a lot of cheese, which isn’t very Dutch of me. I don’t enjoy it that much (a little as a crust on lasagna etc.) and during my studies it was always highlighted as a fatty-food which doesn’t provide a lot of other things.

Another low-carb dilemma I have is that I am trying to bake low-carb. It greatly reduces my insulin dosage which is a huge plus, but usually it contains the same amount (if not more!!) of calories. Where the taste… well, sometimes it’s too fat for my taste, and the boyfriend cannot get used to the taste of stevia. However, it’s a great excuse to do a loooooot of baking! Although it’ll be a little less as almond flour is crazy expensive!

In the mean time I have found a couple of yummy low-carb bread recipes, although the soft-pretzels I recently tried didn’t turn out so well and the cupcakes were acceptable. Other blogs have shown that it takes some determination, time and patience to get the hang of low-carb baking. The recipes claim to be easy and delicious. Well, let’s just say tastes can differ… I guess it’s just what you’re used to!