Recently I had to go to the hospital in Amsterdam to be tested for insulin allergy. A slightly double feeling, because if they find something at least I know where all my roller coaster sugars are coming from, but also slightly screwed, because what do you do without insulin as a person with diabetes?

Before my gluten intolerance I would go to the McDonald’s occasionally but it’s such a hassle bringing your own bun, finding a microwave to heat it and then getting the burger on your bread and eating it without the bun falling apart.

Since last year, however, there are Mcdonald’s restaurants which serve glutenfree hamburgers including the buns. Unfortunately these are all on the other side of the Netherlands and to my disappointment also not in the neighborhood of the hospital I was visiting. De closest one required a 30 km detour. So I figured I would settle for fries and a burger without the bun because I sure was in the mood for some comfort food after the allergy diagnosis. As a nutrition & health student this may not be the right mentality, on the other hand I can justify my motivation and explain in detail why I was feeling this way. Though luck, I’m going to Mcdonald’s !

My mom was fidgeting around with the GPS and I was still a little in shock from the diagnosis. It took a little while before I realized that my mom hadn’t instructed the GPS to go home, but instead had instructed it to take a 30-km detour which lead directly to a Macdonald’s with glutenfree hamburgers! YYYYYYYEEEEEAAAHHHH!!

On the highway I saw the big yellow M rising from the concrete (and all the cars in front of us as unfortunately there was some traffic) and I was as happy as a kid. And I didn’t even need the happy meal for that ! Upon arrival there were large posters in front of the window announcing this McDonald’s had glutenfree hamburgers, as if I didn’t already know that ?!

My first gluten free hamburger at Mc Donald’s

There it was, my glutenfree hamburger. It sure isn’t a Michelin star restaurant, nor a healthy meal but it sure was one of the best meals ever. The fact that I, just like all the other customers, could order a hamburger without any of the hassle and ready for me to eat was magnificent! The first bite was fantastic, the second bite even better. Every bite gave me the joyous feeling that I was normal. It was a true delight eating that hamburger and never in my life have I enjoyed McDonald’s more!

To check out all the McDonalds restaurants that have glutenfree hamburgers in the Netherlands, check out my gluten free world map!