Last may the time had finally come for a vacation! After years of hard work to successfully complete my study it was time to go celebrate. As I was officially done in January and only had a part-time job there was plenty of time to do some good research. The destination was already known for quite a while: New York baby! Since I got the diagnosis gluten free I had not been to New York and I do remember picking up yummy things for my sister once so I had high expectations.

The two main things we did in New York were sight-seeing and food. We went to so many places I can’t possibly list them all so I will high-light my absolute favorites. Naturally you can find the other places on my gluten free world map, which can be found below this post.

Breakfast / lunch

Blooms deli:

Breakfast at Bloom’s deli

Blooms made me think of a typical old-school American diner you see in the movies, including a large bar and a wall filled with famous visitors. This place is simply worth a visit for the fantastic interior. Even better, they had a separate gluten free menu filled with deliciousness! The menu was slightly smaller than the ‘normal’ one but still had way too much options. I.e. pancakes with numerous different preparations from bacon to chocolate chip – banana (I ordered the latter). The bread was also fantastic, unfortunately they didn’t have rolls only sandwiches but the taste was so good it didn’t matter. A positive bonus was that they were filled thicker than the gluten-containing roll the boyfriend had. The second time we went there (yes it was this good) I had french toast and again took a sandwhich on-the-go. Unfortunately I only went here on the second to last day… else I would’ve eaten here a lot more! This beautiful pearl lies right next to grand central terminal (which has an awesome free tour on Sundays) and in the neighborhood of the New York Public library which is definitely worthwhile to pop-in to for a quick visit.


‘Lunch’ at Erin McKenna’s bakery

Erin McKenna’s bakery

Oh… my…. goodness… !!!! I have found gluten free heaven. Name basically any American pastry and they will sell it here. And the good news is, EVERYTHING is gluten free. From donut holes, to donuts, to sweet and savory scones to cupcakes and cookies I’m getting hungry just thinking of our visits. It is a little bit from times square but is combined very well to a visit to China town or little Italy. By the way, this area is filled with great gluten free spots!

By the way bakery

This bakery is a little further uptown than most of the other things but again my mouth is watering just thinking about this fantastic spot. If you’re there early enough they even have gluten free bread but unfortunately we were there at closing time. They had small cupcakes and pie and other things. It’s a little less glazed and sweet than Erin McKenna’s but definitely not any less good !


Lilly and Loo

An Asian restaurant which serves gluten free. Most of them do, but so far I have neverencountered a restaurant which has gluten free spring rolls and gluten free dumplings ! The gluten free sushi I have had occasionally but man oh man the food was good here.


Pala pizza

Palla Pizza

I really have to end with Pala pizza. This place would be the reason for me to book a flight to New York right at this moment. Although they also sell ‘normal’ pizza’s more than half of the pizza’s they sell are gluten free. They had two separate stations and for the gluten free one gloves were first put on. The gluten free base was prepared in big batches and was only taken out of the fridge when needed. On top of this they had two ovens, one especially for gluten free pizza’s. And I haven’t even told you about the pizza yet! Never did I every dare think to eat an American thick crust pizza again, but behold, a miracle has happened! My stomach has started growling just by thinking of this piece of deliciousness. The boyfriend was so kind to also chose a gluten free pizza so we could share, even he said he had rarely tasted a gluten containing pizza which was this good. Even better was that they also had gluten free beer.
*Unfortunately Pala Pizza is closed forever*

New York had already captured my heart years ago, but my gluten free stomach is definitely in line with my heart. When are we going again………?

These were just some of the high-lights. To see all the gluten free places I visited zoom in to NYC on my gluten free map.