It is 1 o’clock at night and I am walking through the city center of Groningen. I couldn’t possible have a bigger smile on my face. Who would’ve thought I would willingly be awake this late at night a year ago?

To my surprise, the doors which are firmly shut during the day are now trying to lure students to them with bright lights and friendly bouncers. And I, I am part of this fantastic night life! To my right a group of students is playing “Everything is gonna be all right”, to my left two girls are trying to park their bikes. They finally found a spot but when they try to walk away the bike tumbles over taking 20 other bikes with it leading to a bike-domino. Hopeless, the girls stand in the middle of the chaos observing the unfolding of events around them.

A year ago I felt just like those girls, hopeless, helpless. I tried so much and nothing worked, only leading to worse bloodsugars. I tried so hard to live a ‘normal’ life yet time and time again the bloodsugars gave me troubles. Now I completely agree with the guys: “everything is gonna be all right”. Last week definitely proved it. Monday I had my thesis defense, the last project reminding me of my pre-insulin-allergy-treatment days. Despite all the struggles I still managed to finish it with a grade I am proud of. Tuesday I spontaneously went out to dinner with colleagues, even had some wine, and had way too little sleep whereas I was back in the lab bright and early this morning. Today was a really busy day with a great party to finish it off. Without problems, without having to worry my sugars will be de-railed for the next two weeks and I will feel sick tomorrow. A year ago I might have been able to do one of these things, now I did them all in three days and I am still walking, talking and feeling good. I feel strong, I feel like a student, and I feel normal. Who would’ve dared to believe this a year ago?