It is no secret that I love baking, and sometimes you just get a major urge to get in the kitchen and whip up something delicious. Unfortunately this does not combine well with the low carb diet the boyfriend and I started a few weeks ago.

Pinterest has been my friend for years and I mainly use it for cake-related things and gluten free recipes. Now I have also added low-carb to this list. Despite not being strictly low-carb (my breakfast isn’t, sometimes we splurge on some delicious carb food and naturally the many hypo’s that occur result in the intake of carbs every now and again), we try our best to eat low-carb as often as possible. This afternoon I was relaxing on the couch when an urge started to form, and immediately a bad-mood cloud formed above my head… I wanted to bake, and now this stupid low-carb thing would take away my joy. Then I remembered I had been drooling over low-carb recipes the past couple of weeks on my pinterest only to discover that for most of the recipes I didn’t have all the ingredients, let alone ever heard of some of them (coconutoil, yuck, I really despise coconut; what in the world is ghee…? Turns out it is an Indian butter form). Recently I had invested in a bag of almond flour (yikes, that is some pricy stuff!), I always have eggs and the recipe I chose only further required vanilla essence and baking powder.

The people from the Southern in lawblog had the same experience I had; a major baking craving, little ingredients in the cupboard and restricted by wanting it low-carb. Hip hip hooray for her 4-ingredient low-carb donut recipe! As I don’t have a donutpan yet I dusted off the cake-pop maker and made some delicious donut holes. Despite thinking almond flour can have quite a dry and bitter after-taste this was certainly not the case for these yummy treats.

Half of the recipe made 12 tasty treats of which barely any made it to the fridge. The boyfriend and I could not resist them, and without carbs, why should we? In my personal opinion they do taste a lot better when they are warm, so I microwaved the last couple in the evening. This really enhanced the overall structure and taste. If all gluten free low-carb recipes are this good, then my baking heart is filled with ghee, uh, I mean glee 🙂