Congrats! Most likely you’re reading this because you’re pregnant or trying to conceive. Spoiler alert, I’m typing this while my little one is gurgling in the play pen and happily “chatting” to the owls on the mobile above his head. Every once in a while he laughs about the sounds he is making. Pregnancy is tough, diabetes makes it even more complicated. Enter all the clichés about marathons, endurance, being strong etc. But it is definitely worth it! 

Keep in mind that anything written on this blog, but especially in this pregnancy and closed loop series, is based on my own experience. It is absolutely not meant to be used as medical advice. It may inspire you to try things you hadn’t thought of before, but always, ALWAYS, discuss this with your medical team first!

A book I can highly recommend, although it doesn’t take closed loop into account, is Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy by Ginger Vieira and Jennifer H. Smith. Basically this is the What to expect when you’re expecting but for type 1 diabetes. My diabetes has never been ‘by-the-book’ but even for me this book was accurate and it helps so incredibly much to know what to expect from your sugars each month so you can be more alert on making changes.

Another great resource for me was the looping & pregnancy facebook group. This group gave me around the clock support and motivation. The great thing is that there are people on there from around the globe so even if I had an urgent question at 3:00 a.m. there was someone in the world and in that group who was awake and ready to help out. The ladies in this group are such a lovely bunch and incredibly supportive and understanding. We’ve all been there, we know the anxiousness and usually can help out improving sugars or decreasing stress levels. 

One last piece of advice, during labor you do not want to be thinking about your sugars (or loop). Think about who you want to take care of your sugars. Will you let the hospital regulate you with their sliding scale set-up so neither you and your partner need to think about it? Or will you train someone who will be there during the delivery how to manage loop and your blood sugars? There are pro’s and cons to both and it can’t hurt to start thinking about it. Either way it will be good to train your partner on your diabetes management and loop so when you have an off day they can help you out, it may also help to include your partner in such an important aspect of your pregnancy. 

Whatever happens, there will be moments where you wondered why on earth you are putting yourself through this stress, just as well as there are moments you won’t be able to stop smiling because you are AMAZING and you are creating life just be sitting here and reading this blog. However difficult and stressful it may be at times, take a moment each and every day to just enjoy it for a couple of minutes. You are doing the best you can and deserve to be proud of that!