After confirming the presence of baby I called my endocrinologist the next day to schedule an appointment.

Four weeks earlier I had a ‘regular’ appointment, the first time since looping. I have never been scared to visit my endo but boy was I nervous ! Up until then my endo and I had a strained relationship; we’d only know each other for a year and she had to get used to my self-care attitude whereas I had to get used to how they do things differently from what I was used to in my previous clinic. Sometimes they’re a tad old fashioned… so going there to tell them I had take  even more of my own diabetes in control by looping made me a little anxious. I had mentally prepared myself for a scolding and having loop being forbidden. My own endo wasn’t in then and her colleague was positive about loop although she told me she has no clue how it works and cannot help me find tune settings. 

Fast forward four weeks and I am now sitting opposite my own endo with my husband and the first thing she says is; weren’t you here four weeks ago ? What are you doing here now?! But once we said we were pregnant her whole demeanour changed. The strained relationship we had seemed to melt with every sentence she said. Until she saw I was looping. She scrunched up her face and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this during pregnancy. Internally I was preparing myself for the defence, having done some research to show her actual facts. When I said I wanted to try even if it was only during the night so I could actually sleep she looked at me sternly for a moment and then said ‘okay, let’s do this’. To my great surprise she then continued on to tell me she had another pregnant woman on AndroidAPS and the results that she obtained by looping were unbelievable. I couldn’t believe my ears, she’s okay with it? She will help me? I felt like I was dreaming. After going through the basic differences of loop vs APS (no micro bolus in loop at that time) we were in business. She warned me, although looping is great, it will have a hard time later on with the delayed carb absorption rates and that I might need to open loop during the day. 

Relief flooded through me, my endo was okay with me looping. She already has some experience so she could even help me adjust my settings a bit. I was pregnant, my sugars were under control, my end accepted me looping; what more could I possibly want?!