Twas the middle of the night, everything was dark and I woke up with a parched mouth and excessive thirst. How could this be? I had just drank Splash Mountain?!

I am not unfamiliar to the fact that blood sugars can influence your dreams. Many a times have I woken up from dreams about delicious meals, gigantic cakes, or bathing in ice cream. Whenever I wake up I know my sugars will be crazy low and it will take all the strength to only eat some sugar tabs instead of the entire pantry.


Yet never have I had a ‘high’ dream yet. In my dream I was continuously running to the bathroom and then drinking water. It started of with me being fully clothed in the gym trying not to run ín to the swimming pool and drinking only water from the fountain. Then all of a sudden I was standing in line with my parents for something, I wasn’t quite sure yet what, and while we were waiting I spotted a bathroom. Once more I ran to it, and by the time we were back it was our turn. My dad said he was a bit worried about his nice clothes getting wet. Wet? Water? I was a happy girl in my dream! Then we are sitting in a splash mountain boat, slightly disappointed about all the water around me and not being able to drink it I told my father not to worry about his clothes. We come out of the tunnel, head straight down and a tsunami splash of water comes over our heads, I stand up, open my mouth, and drank all the water….! I turned to my father, said “see, told you so”, had a smile and woke-up. Only to first run to the bathroom and then drink tons of water.

No surprise here, I was very very high. I have just been sick for a week with the flu and was finally starting to feel slightly better during the day, only to have been 20+ since after dinner. Unfortunately these high sugars remained until 5.30 a.m. so my body was parched. After waking up from this dream and my sugars still not having gone done despite all the insulin I just sat down to cry. What made me feel even worse is that my body was so dry, there were no tears…

Luckily I made it through the night, my sugars were finally a little lower and even better, I am finally no longer sick! But next time I prefer my dreams to be about food rather than water 😉