Every month the Dutch Diabetes Association brings out a magazine. For the March issue, which arrived this weekend, I gave an interview about my insulin-allergy-adventures. It remains a unique situation with very little knowledge, and, even more important, very few other people you can contact and exchange experiences with.

In November I met the journalist for some tea, and filled with hope I re-capped an excellent year. How different my life has been since I received the treatment! My sugars are getting better, I still run with my dad once a week for fun but not necessarily anymore for safety reasons and the other two times a week I was happy to go alone. It is safe to say that I was enjoying the ‘normal’ diabetes life !

Ironically enough, some of the symptoms have slowly crept back into my life during the past few weeks. The uncertainty is what makes it quite difficult. Is it the insulin allergy, or is it just a viral infection? In January I had a little scare when my sugars where out of control and the exhaustion due to multiple out of range glucose values during the night wore me down. Fortunately, it turned out to ‘only’ be a urinary tract infection which went away quickly after some antibiotics.

In January it was only a few days, now it has been a couple of weeks of unpredictable sugars. It started with a week with only hypo’s. I barely did any exercise and still my sugars crashed, giving a little stress as it was the week before a running match. I finished the 5k cross country without a hypo, but ever since have ended with very high blood sugars 3 hours after exercise. The last couple of weeks the rollercoaster modus has unfortunately got stuck in the on-modus. It isn’t such a thrilling ride (yet) as it was before the treatment, the highs and lows luckily remain less extreme but they sure are unpleasant. For me the most worrying thing is that I have eaten the same breakfast four days in a row, with the same amount of insulin yet the first two days my sugars are too high, the next it is perfectly in range and the last day it is way too low. These unpredictable situations are becoming a bit too familiar….

Hope is the key word, and I am trying my best to maintain it; I know I worry too much, so I try to think that is the case now as well. Although you do want to be prepared, I don’t want my sugars to become as bad as they did before the treatment. Whatever happens, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: last time the treatment worked, so if it is necessary to do it again, at least this time I know it will work!