On the one hand it feels like I’ve only just left Groningen, on the other hand it feels like ages ago that I had a delicious treat in the glutenfree bakery. If there are two things I miss from Groningen it’s the delicious glutenfree pizza from Costa Viola and all the glutenfree baked goods from Toet.

Luckily there is a glutenfree paradise closer to home than Groningen! It is a store named the ‘Gebaksjuwelier’ which translates into the pastery-juweler. On a Friday afternoon my mother surprised me with a trip to this bakery. I was already following them for a while via facebook and often had the urge to eat my computer screen so visiting this shop was definitely high on my to-do list!


When we arrived I felt like a small child in a candy store, surprisinglyenough I was almost as shy as a little child as well.
Naturally my sugars were waaaaaayyy too high that day so the first thing I did upon arrival was head straight to the bathroom. The positive thing about already being high was that all the sugary goods couldn’t do much more damage….

My mom had called the bakery in the morning to order a tasting-session. They also do high-teas but you need to call this in a couple of days in advance. While we were waiting we received a big pot of tea and there were a lot of glutenfree magazines we skimmed through (such a nice idea!). I saw an article with some really great tips for baking a glutenfree quiche, which I tried only a few days later and really worked. Thus a blog  about this will follow soon 😉

Then a tower of heavenly goods was presented to us. We decided to work our way from the bottom to the top starting with the savory cheese sticks. Boy were these good, we immediately bought a back to take home! They were crunchy, not too dry and simply amazing. A perfect way to begin. One bite after another was pure delight and we would’ve liked to pack up the entire store to take home with us. In the end we managed to restrain ourselves and only bought half of the store….

My mouth is starting to water just thinking back to all these delicious goodies. For anyone having to eat glutenfree (and visiting the Netherlands) this really is a must-visit place!

The Gebaksjuwelier has definitely claimed a spot in my top 3 places to go to in the Netherlands, together with Costa Viola and Toet!