Last Monday the boyfriend and I have been members of the gym for three weeks! By the second day of our subscription I could barely lift my arms above my head from the muscle ache… Talking about an over-ambitious start :’)

In addition to the low-carb diet the boyfriend wanted to work-out more often. Although I run 2-3 times a week I figured I would go with him when he wanted to go check out a gym. This wasn’t just any ordinary gym, this was a gym like you would see in the movies! With pretty purple lighting, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and a swimming pool including bubble baths. As I wanted to go swimming more often, and pick up tennis once I have completed my running goals this gym seemed like a perfect fit. It combined the two sports I wanted, gives me the opportunity to train some muscles which I will need to get better at them, and did I mention the bubble baths??

Naturally we went to go work-out as soon as we were allowed. We went to the attic, dusted off our tennis rackets and had great fun playing together. After which we had a nice cooling down in the heated pool. I can definitely get used to this! Tuesday we went a little more exotic and signed up for a funxtion class. We weren’t quite sure what it was, but burning 500 calories in half an hour sounded good to us. It turns out it was a lot of fun but very brutal. After a quick warm-up you have 6-8 different exercises which you do for 50 seconds, and then you get 10 seconds to swap to the next exercise. You repeat this 2 more times. The first round was fine, it sure worked up a sweat. The second round was a bit more intense, but you don’t want to give up too easily so you push a little harder. And the third round… well let’s just say I’m happy I survived and not surprised I had muscle aches until Saturday. I can’t even remember the last time I worked out this intensely without my sugars making me quite ahead of time, which made this workout extra great!

It wasn’t until Saturday though that I could finally lift my arms up above my head again. I may have been a bit overly enthusiastic. Do I have any regrets? Actually, I don’t. A nice bonus (instead of bolus, lol) is that the low carb diet + exercising has lowered by daily insulin requirements from 50 units a day to 30-35. The gym is still ahead of me now, giving me all this muscle ache, but once I do a funxtion class without 4 days of pain, then I shall be the victor!