Time flies when you’re having fun, when you’re engaged, get a new job, move to a new country. Oh wait, all of those happened the past couple of months. I am married to a wonderful, loving husband, and although diabetes tried to steal the show, for once I didn’t let it. But I’ll write about this in further detail soon. Wedding pictures can come in any moment and I shall share all my diabetes-bridal wisdom, i.e. where to hide your pump, in an upcoming post!

Last May we got engaged and things have gone from good to better. I found my perfect PhD job; however it was in Vienna, Austria. The then fiancé was on board to completely change our lives on the condition the wedding date and location would not change. By that time we had already organized most of it so this seemed like a good idea.

Now here we are, married and living in Austria. It was my first move with gluten which is annoying but not as bad as the diabetes. It was only now that I realized what an incredible amount of work my mom always put in to make everything go so smoothly. Six months in I finally have most things organized diabetes wise but new things still keep popping up. Plenty of topics for new blog posts, a whole bunch of exciting new places to review and add to the world map; so spread the news; this sugarsweet cheesehead is back up and running, now from wiener schnitzel land!