Last August the boyfriend and I went on vacation. Due to the vacation and updating my gluten free world map the blog was a little quieter than usual.

During our vacation we visited three countries, namely Austria, Croatia and the Czech republic. The gluten free experiences vary so much between these three countries that I will devote a post to each. The first one will contain information on Austria, specifically Villach and Vienna.

Menu at Kaufmann & Kaufmann

Villach was a stop on the way to Croatia, so we were only here for one night. There wasn’t a lot of information online about glutenfree options, but I had found two restaurants (Annenhof and Kaufmann & Kaufmann). Trip advisor said Kaufmann & Kaufmann had the highest reviews thus we decided to have our meal there. The restaurant had a lovely, ambient, courtyard. The food was good wat comparable to what you get in the Netherlands, the positive surprise was that they had bread and crackers as appetizers!

For dessert we went for ice cream just down the road. To my surprise they had a very large poster with the 14 most common allergens and for each flavor they indicated which allergens it contained. A poster/menu with the allergens seemed to be common here as the breakfast room of our pension also had one. The breakfast itself was a slight shock as it was very sturdy, brown ‘bread’ which I am not used to. For the owners it is really handy as they come in packs with two slices and doesn’t require heating to be edible. I received the same ‘bread’ in Vienna, it wasn’t my favorite but it sure filled me up!

In Vienna we went to a schnitzel-restaurant the  boyfriend really wanted to visit, where I fully expected not be able to eat anything. To my surprise the menu here also contained all the allergens, and even more surprising was that I could even chose what I wanted to eat. Even the fries were baked separately from the schnitzels and it was delicious!

Gluten free hamburgers at McDonalds

Similar to the Netherlands, the McDonalds in Austria also has glutenfree hamburger buns. The difference is that they have them here in every McDonalds, no matter how small, and that they secretly may even be a little tastier (or is that the taste of vacation?).

I was very excited to visit Vienna as I had found (five) different gluten free bakeries and wanted to indulge myself in all this gluten free food. Naturally we walked to the first one as soon as we had checked into our pension. Unfortunately the one closest to the hotel was on summer vacation, what a disappointment ! In the end this was the case for four of the bakeries, which was a bitter pill. I shall definitely return to Vienna when it is not summer vacation! The only bakery which was open was the Simply Raw Bakery. A very cozy café where everything was gluten, lactose and soy free as well as vegan. This did mean a lot was made with coconut which I personally don’t like very much, but in most of their products the taste was not very dominant. The only disappointment was the chocolate chip cookie as this had a very strong coconut taste and the chips were not recognizable as chocolate….. Surprising was the bruschetta which the boyfriend had chosen, this was because the “cheese” was made from crushed cashews! The gluten free goodies were very different from what I expected but I enjoyed them nonetheless 😀

Simply raw bakery

In summary, Austria is definitely a good place to go when having to eat gluten free. Everywhere we ate there was allergen information readily available and everyone knew what gluten free meant. Definitely Vienna is a true gluten free heaven, if the bakeries are open of course 😉 Naturally all the places we visited were reviewed and are on the gluten free map.