During our vacation we visited three countries, namely Austria, Croatia and de Czech Republic, as the food is so different for each country I will write a separate blog for each. The second blog will be about Croatia, where this year we were mainly in Krk and the surrounding area.

This was my very first camping vacation ever and I don’t think it will be my last. It took a little getting used to but I definitely enjoyed it, especially being outside all the time! My only fear was to get a gluten-attack and not be able to make it to the toilet in time, but luckily this didn’t happen!

Lovely glutenfree dessert at restaurant Marina (Krk)
Lovely glutenfree dessert at restaurant Marina (Krk)

Part of going camping is doing groceries, a challenge for anyone if you don’t speak the language. A challenge in expert mode if you need to eat glutenfree as there were little products with English ingredient lists. Luckily I had downloaded a glutenfree letter in Croatian* and could decipher which ingredients I was not allowed to have. Some standard products also had big glutenfree labels, for example the meat brand ‘Pik’. There were two big supermarkets on the island, Plodine and Konzum. The Plodine had special gluten free products together with the gluten-containing products rather than a specific gluten free section, for example pasta and chips. The Konzum on the other hand did have a special glutenfree section which had some cookies and cornflakes. There wasn’t a lot but enough to survive. There was also a DM in the city center which had bread, crackers, cookies etc. from Schär.

Pizza Pula
Pizza at pizzeria Jupiter

Unlike the supermarkets, the restaurants had a lot of choice! I didn’t even need my passport in most of the places we ate. They already had the allergens marked on the menu and all were very open in changing gluten-containing dishes into gluten free options for me. A big tip is to visit Pula. Not only is it a lovely city (although much more touristic than Krk), there is a pizza-baker which bakes glutenfree pizza’s from Schär dough. The pizza did contain a ridiculous amount of cheese but was delicious nonetheless!

There were two places where I could not eat, on the boat with a trip we did and at the Plitvice lakes. We had called the boat before our trip so I knew to take my own lunch. Naturally I did the same for the Plitvice lakes but as it is such a touristic place and the rest of Croatia has so many gluten free options I was very disappointed that there was no gluten free food there. Not even fruit was available. Nevertheless Croatia was a beautiful country and is very gluten free friendly! 

*Download a glutenfree passport in almost any language here