Three years in Vienna means three years to figure out the best spots. Vienna is so big, especially for Austrian standards that there are quite a lot of options. So many even I haven’t been to all of them. If you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to read a lot, here are my top picks; 

(if you come in summer time always call ahead to ensure that they are open. In Austria many things close for 3-6 weeks during summer holidays!!)

Completely gluten free:

Zum Wohl

Gluten free schnitzel /  Austrian cuisine:

Gasthaus Nestroy (careful only open on weekdays!)

Gasthaus am Predigtstuhl 

Gluten free pizza:

Pizzeria Scarabaccio (you have to reserve ahead of time because they will be full!)

Gluten free brunch / confections

Grüner Salon



Gluten free shops

Most supermarkets have some gluten free products (click here to read the blog on this) but if you want fresh croissants or more specific gluten free things you better head out to a gluten free store.

Dion’s Glutenfrei opened October 2020 and although it’s not a large store there are plenty of brands and products to choose from! Dion’s has it’s own brand including cakes, cinnamon buns and lactose+gluten free (chocolate) croissants and they’re simply amazing! It’s in the 2nd district right behind the park connected to Prater. I know I’ll be coming here when the weather is good, buying a fresh croissant and going for a picknick with the family after.


As stated, there is quite a lot of choice in Vienna unless you want to have 100% guaranteed gluten free restaurants, then Zum Wohl (6th) is your only choice. The lovely thing about this restaurant is that you do not need to worry about anything, you can simply choose what you like! (They also accommodate other allergies / intolerances) They have everything from an amazing gluten free bruschetta with home baked bread to gluten free beer and a ton of gluten free dessert. There is a gluten free schnitzel on the menu but it is one of the most expensive things on there and in my opinion the two Gasthaus options are much better for a schnitzel. Did I mention all the gluten free desserts though? This restaurant is a bit more expensive for Austrian standards but that is the price of a worry-free evening.

If you’re in the mood for a schnitzel, and who isn’t when you’re in Vienna, go to either Gasthaus Nestroy or Gasthaus am Predigtstuhl. The drawbacks of these two restaurants is that the first is only open on weekdays and the latter is not ideal with public transportation but oh my is the food worth it! Nestroy not only has gluten free schnitzel, they also have cordon blue, something I have never seen anywhere else. They have palatschinken for dessert (or in your soup as a starter) and have 1-2 other dessert options. It is typical Austrian but they get quite some tourists and understand (some) English. 

Gasthaus am Predigtstuhl is typical Austrian, including Austrian service (to the point without a smile). But the food is worth it! It’s on top of a hill and I can highly recommend a hike through the woods just up the road or to at least walk to the Wilhelminenberg hotel from which you have an amazing view of Vienna from there public garden. Unfortunately am Predigtstuhl does not have a restaurant (and I would not recommend the hotel restaurant, they were not aware of wat gluten free meant and I had to explain to the cook what he could or could not use). Am Predigtstuhl is amazing with gluten free and have many choices although for dessert it’s just ice cream or chocolate cake. But why would you choose anything other than chocolate cake?!

If you want pizza/Italian food Scarabaccio (8th) is THE place to be. Simply amazing, both the pizza’s as the pasta’s or other dishes. Run by Italian’s they know their stuff. My goodness I’m getting hungry just thinking about their amazing food. They are open for lunch and dinner but definitely book ahead of time (day before / morning of is usually still okay) because everyone wants to go here! Unfortunately they don’t deliver but you can order a pizza for pick-up. Another good option for pizza when Scarabaccio is closed (happens during summer or winter holidays) is Don Camillo

Vienna has a hard rock café (1st), which, as it does in all restaurants, has gluten free burger buns and gluten free brownie for dessert! TGI Fridays says they have gluten free burger buns as well but when I was there supposedly they were out according to one waiter and another waiter didn’t even know what gluten free was so I would recommend the hard rock. 

If you want slightly more fancy restaurant Mini’s (6th) knows how to handle gluten free (just mention it with your reservation so they can prepare) as does Deval (1st). 

For sushi we usually go to EBI’s, they have gluten free soy sauce and a separate allergens menu. However, be careful, according to the menu some their breaded products are gluten free but I have never dared to try it out. Especially since they state their prawn in white wine sauce is gluten free but the two times I dared ordered this I’ve had gluten problems (on the other times we went there it’s always been okay). 


Blue Orange is a bagel café which has gluten free bagels, very nice if you don’t want to pack you’re own lunch. 

Sunday brunch is a typical Viennese thing to do, luckily there are a couple of options in Vienna, may favorit or café Schoppenhauer (18th) or the Grüner Salon (6th).

If you’re in the mood for cake/confections in addition to the two spots mentioned above you can go to the café Imperial, café Mozart or one of the many Oberlaa’s found all through Vienna. Don’t forget the Gloriette cafe at Schönbrunn either on top of the hill with a beautiful view of Vienna or inside the palace gates.

Ausnahmsweise is another great spot for gluten free confections! They are in the 6th district and have many delicious treats with a daily changing menu.